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Formula Renault

Formula Renault Fada :

 > Engine 1721 cc (1,7L) - 150 hp
 > Weight: 510 kg
 > Max speed: 220 km/h
 > 5-speed manual transmission, steel multitubular chassis


For availability dates check the calendar or call Nadine at 05 62 09 02 49. 

Passenger Rides (passenger in the car)  are available only during the week (never a weekend or a public holiday)

Insurance (optional):

- Bodily Insurance: €20 (If you do not subscribe, make sure you are covered for a leisure activity in a closed circuit).

Deposit required :

You must leave a deposit of €1500, cashed in case of damage to the vehicle. In absence, it is returned at the end of the driving course

990 Items

€250 for 5 lap behind a Pace Car

Tax included
Individual Bodily Insurance at €20

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